Business structuring

Understanding the need to structure the business comes to the owners for many reasons. As a rule, it is the need to “package” the business for its further sale, optimization of tax liabilities or the protection of assets.

Methods can be very diverse:

      • “breakdown” of business processes and property into different legal entities;
      • introduction of a risk allocation system;
      • the construction of the corporate structure of each legal entity;
      • work with controlled pledges and payables, etc.

Our specialists, depending on the wishes of the client, will provide a range of services for business structuring.

It should be noted that we are not lovers of cluttered and unnecessary corporate structures, but proceed from the need to maintain a balance between the benefits and the cost of a particular solution.

Stage 1

Analysis of the main business processes  companies for compliance with the existing  legal structure, namely the analysis:

  • statutory and other primary documents;
  • organizational structure of the company's management bodies;
  • internal corporate processes of the company (confidentiality mode, financial liability, etc.);
  • algorithm of interaction with contractors.

The result of this analysis is a comprehensive risk analysis:

  • identification of property risks of the company;
  • identification of risks associated with compliance with legislation in the field of protection of intellectual property;
  • identification of risks associated with tax legislation and assessment of the optimality of the taxation scheme;
  • identification and analysis of possible risk areas for compliance with labor laws and internal company requirements;
  • identification and systematization of risk factors (fines and penalties of regulatory authorities, criminal cases, risks of loss of property, risks of blocking accounts, etc.).
Структурування бізнесу

Stage 2:

Optimization of the current business structure

Elimination and minimization of risks "turnkey" by the results of the audit, namely:

  • opening of new legal entities (residents / non-residents in more than 52 countries of the world);
  • liquidation of "unnecessary" legal entities;
  • opening bank accounts (Ukraine and more than 20 countries of the world);
  • carrying out transactions with property;
  • development of a contractual framework for working with contractors and personnel;
  • making necessary changes to statutory documents;
  • settlement of issues with bad debts;
  • development of corporate rules, regulations and other local documents.
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