Personnel audit
and setting personnel accounting

Personnel audit
and setting personnel accounting

After the increase in fines and the introduction of new violations of labor legislation, the issue of inspections carried out by the State Service of Ukraine on Labor Issues became very topical. BIRES specialists did not leave their customers face to face with new challenges and are already providing services for conducting a “personnel audit”, thus preparing for an inspection visit of potential enterprises and entrepreneurs included in the annual plan.


BIRES guarantees the confidentiality of information obtained during a personnel audit and reliably keeps the secrets of its customers.


Personnel audit

Personnel audit is an independent and professional review of internal documents for compliance with the requirements of the legislation on employment. Moreover, thanks to a personnel audit, a business owner or manager can build and organize further work of personnel service.

  • Specialist`s comming at the location of the client.
  • Conduct a full legal analysis of personnel documentation (if necessary, documents on labor protection).
  • Identification and analysis of problem points.
  • Providing the Client with a comprehensive report on the results of the audit and further recommendations to eliminate inconsistencies and risks.
  • Recommendations for improving personnel records accounting.
  • Legal consultation for the period of the audit.
  • Comprehensive validation of personnel records. Actual for companies included in the annual audit plan, as well as companies that prepare for such inspections in advance.
  • Ability to independently prepare for verification based on the recommendations received.
  • Minimization of fines and risks
  • Preventing litigation with employees and former employees.

Statement of personnel accounting "turnkey"

Personnel accounting – a set of measures aimed at addressing the identified deficiencies found during the personnel audit. Personnel record is the final stage of alignment of personnel documents of the enterprise, which will create the necessary basis for further personnel records.


  • Development of the necessary local personnel documents (regulations) and their implementation, a package of necessary documents on labor protection.
  • Development of job and work instructions, internal documents, focused on the specifics of the company.
  • Development of other documents regulating personnel and labor protection issues.
  • Transfer of the developed documents to the Client, briefing on their implementation.
  • Recommendations and legal advice on the further management of personnel records.


  • Establishing personnel records from scratch or eliminating deficiencies in current documentation.
  • Installation of labor protection.
  • Minimizing risks and penalties.
  • Accompanying verification (at the request of the client).
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BIRES guarantees the confidentiality of information obtained during a personnel audit and reliably keeps the secrets of its customers.

Verification of compliance with labor laws includes:

  • Development of internal documents (instructions, regulations and regulations).
  • Analysis of existing personnel documentation.
  • Identify problem points.
  • Preparation of the report and recommendations.
  • Statement of personnel accounting "turnkey".
  • Recommendations for the further management of personnel accounting.
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