Trademark Registration

Trademark registration

BIRES company provides a full range of services for pre-checking and registration of trademarks in Ukraine and international registration. Our experts are ready to choose the most optimal way to register a trademark and protect your intellectual property.


Our company provides a range of services that also includes:

  • Detailed advice on trademark registration in Ukraine and international registration.
  • Selection of classes of goods and services (ICTP) before starting the registration of your TM.
  • Preliminary verification of the trademark with the provision of a report on information retrieval in the database of registered TM.
  • Legal advice on the possibility of further registration based on the result of the check.
  • Preparation and filing of an application for registration of TM in the standard or accelerated procedure.
  • Accompanying your application throughout the term of registration of TM.
  • Obtaining a Trademark Registration Certificate.
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