The procedure for returning bad debts is a very complicated process that requires an individual and integrated approach. The specialists of the legal company BIRES have a positive experience in dealing with such problems, which allows our Clients to repay the problem debt with minimal financial and time costs.

The debt collection package includes:

– learning of the debtor: checking the property status, the presence of unfulfilled obligations to third parties or the state;

– сlaims and negotiations;

– judicial recovery and further execution of the court decision.

Our lawyers are ready to provide high-quality mediation services and resolve the dispute in the pretrial order.

Success primarily depends on professionally conducted negotiations with the debtor.

We are ready to sit down at the negotiating table and offer both parties profitable plans for restructuring and paying off debt, study the contracts and prepare a draft decision.

Our specialists are developing a strategy for the preservation of existing assets. Individual approaches and the study of history should ensure the greatest possible reasoning of claims for a loan, as well as comprehensive legal support and protection of the interests of creditors at court sessions of all instances is the key to your result.

After the court decision enters into legal force, we immediately fake a procedure for the enforcement of debt through public or private executive service. An effective process of enforcing debt collection is our responsibility.

Moreover, the law firm BIRES cooperates with private executors in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine.

Law firm BIRES on banking disputes will help to avoid lawlessness and reliably protect against unlawful actions of creditors and collectors, will resolve any credit disputes with banks. We recommend that everyone consult with lawyers before signing any document.

Litigation with the bank on loans is always fraught with the fact that a person has to give the loan amount that is much higher than originally received. The payment schedule and interest system can immediately result in huge fines and penalties. Only a specialist who can solve banking disputes can cope with this situation.

Lawyers of our company are ready to act on your side in a dispute with the bank, as well as to stop the bank’s attempts to deprive you of collateral.

The complex of measures includes:

qualified representation of the client’s interests;

– drawing up a claim and documentation of any complexity;

– analysis of contracts with a banking institution and the provision of legal analysis of controversial issues;

– negotiating with creditors and collection agencies;

– protection of your property from illegal seizure;

– recognition of the contract as invalid;

– revision of overdue debts, taking into account all amounts accrued by the bank, reduction of the amount of fines, penalties and penalties;

– guarantor protection.

The procedure for the sale of assets of bankrupt banks that are in the liquidation stage, according to the legislation of Ukraine, is carried out by assigning the right to claim loans at tenders (auctions).

This procedure allows the borrower to repay the loan at a discount of up to 80% of the outstanding amount. But often, to understand all the legal intricacies and nuances of debt repurchase at auctions is quite difficult.

This is used by financial and collection companies that can buy out your loan and demand payment of the debt in full.

The practical experience of the law firm BIRES will allow to develop an individual solution for each client, which includes:

– conducting an analysis of the loan file and identifying possible risks;- the implementation of regular monitoring of information about the auction;

– preparation for trading (registration at the auction, selection of the optimal stock exchange to minimize all risks, etc.);

– accompaniment during tendering (consulting, participation in tenders in the interests of the client);

– support during settlements with a bank, stock exchange and at the conclusion of factoring contracts;

– providing advice on the removal of encumbrances from collateral property;

– provision of advice on a tax optimization scheme as a result of closing a deal.


  • Long-term positive experience with distressed assets, which allows our clients to solve problems associated with minimal financial and time costs.
  • Successful practice of debt restructuring and sale of problem assets using various tools.
  • Extensive experience with both creditors and debtors
  • Support of transactions of any level of complexity.
  • Specialization in debt collection, representation of the client at the stage of litigation, enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy, criminal cases, search and return of assets.
  • Accompanying transactions for the repurchase of credit portfolios in existing banks, as well as in banks, should be carried out at the level controlled by the FUND OF GUARANTEEING OF DEPOSITS OF INDIVIDUALS.
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